The Best and Coolest New Gadgets of September 2022

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September is in the books — and yes, it’s officially fall. But looking back on the month that was, there were a lot of new cool gadgets that were announced this month. From all the new iPhones to Bose’s newest noise-canceling wireless earbuds, Sonos’s first “miniature” subwoofer and a lot of cool soundbars and loudspeakers, we break it all down.

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Bowers & Wilkins PX8

bowers and wilkins headphones

Bowers & Wilkins

The Bowers & Wilkins PX8 are the company’s new pair of flagship noise-canceling headphones and, at $699, they are the most expensive pair you can buy (other expensive competitors are Apple’s $549 AirPods Max and the Master & Dynamic $599 MW75.) The new headphones are essentially a higher-end model of the B&W’s recently released PX7 S2 ($399), with superior drivers and made of more luxury materials. They are available in two finishes: black or tan.

Price: $699


Teenage Engineering PO-80 Record Factory

po 80 record factory record player


Teenage Engineering is well-known for its creative gadgets and its latest one is no different. The PO-80 Record Factory is a unique kind of turnable because it is capable of both cutting and then playing a vinyl record. That’s right, you can connect it to an audio device (via a 3.5mm jack) and make a vinyl record. These are tiny 5-inch vinyl records, granted, so don’t expect to record an entire album (although there is an adapter for making 7-inch records). The PO-80 Record Factory is powered by USB and has its own built-in speakers; you can also hook it up to an external speaker via a 3.5mm connection.

Price: $149


Kindle Scribe

amazon kindle


One of the standouts from Amazon’s big hardware event was the Kindle Scribe. It’s the company’s newest and most high-end e-reader, but it’s most notable because it’s the first Kindle to work with a stylus (called the Scribe Pen); it attaches to the side of the Kindle Scribe and you can use it to take notes, leave page markers or even draw.

The Kindle Scribe is available for preorder and is expected to ship before the holidays.

Price: $340


Halo Rise

amazon halo


The other big standout from Amazon’s big hardware event was the Halo Rise, which is a bedside alarm and sleep tracking device. The Halo Rise has a built-in light and clock that will gradually warm (mimicking the sunrise) to gradually wakes you up. It also has integrated sensors for sleep tracking; it tracks your breathing patterns as well as room conditions like temperature, light levels and humidity, and then gives you information about your sleep that you can access in Alexa app. It is not a speaker does not come integrated with Alexa, but it will work with an existing Alexa smart speaker.

The Halo Rise is available for preorder and will ship later this year.

Price: $140

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