GFN Thursday: 24 Games To Join in September

Just like that, summer falls into September, and some of the most anticipated games of the year, like the Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty expansion, PAYDAY 3 and Party Animals, are dropping into the GeForce NOW library at launch this month.

They’re part of 24 new games hitting the cloud gaming service in September. And the next Game Pass title to join the cloud at launch is Sea of Stars, part of 13 new games this week.

Keep an eye on GFN Thursday to see the next Microsoft titles joining the cloud this month, including Quake II, Gears Tactics and Halo Infinite. 

Plus, NVIDIA has worked with Google to give Chromebook owners a new offer that includes three free months of a GeForce NOW Priority membership. GeForce NOW cloud gaming ‌goes perfectly together with Chromebooks, which provide up to 1,600p resolution and 120Hz+ displays.

Party Hard in the Cloud

The cloud is about to get wild.

Make painfully great memories with friends in Party Animals, a hilarious, physics-based party brawler from Recreate Games and Source Technology. Fight friends as adorable puppies, mischievous kittens, magical unicorns or other fuzzy creatures or terrorize them as fearsome sharks and ferocious dinosaurs to be the last one standing.

Battle it out by picking up an assortment of weapons to get an edge over others or punch, toss, jump, kick and headbutt others in the brawl. Bring the action across multiple game modes — each requires a different strategy to win.

Get fierce for party game night, whether playing with friends locally on the couch or across devices online. Party Animals joins the cloud at launch on Thursday, Sept. 21.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Chromebook offer for GeForce NOW membership
Shiny new GeForce NOW offers for Chromebook owners.

One of the best ways to stream games from GeForce NOW is with the new Cloud Gaming Chromebooks, which feature screens that display beautiful scenes at up to 1,600p and 120Hz+.

Chromebook gamers can jump right into 100+ free-to-play titles and over 1,600 hit games, like Baldur’s Gate 3, Remnant II, supported games from the Xbox PC Game Pass library and more. GeForce NOW Priority members can also explore the worlds of Cyberpunk 2077, Control and other titles with RTX ON, and Ultimate members can level up and access new NVIDIA technologies like DLSS 3.5 in upcoming games like Alan Wake 2 and Portal with RTX. Compete online with ultra-low latency and other features perfect for playing.

Starting today, Google and NVIDIA are offering all Chromebook owners three free months of a GeForce NOW Priority membership to get gamers started. And those interested in leveling up to an Ultimate membership, the highest-performing tier, are already able to get three free months of a GeForce NOW Ultimate membership with the purchase of a Cloud Gaming Chromebook. Find more details on how to redeem the offer in Google’s Keyword blog or on the Chromebooks Perks page.

New Games as Far as the Eye Can Sea

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The Major Programming Languages 2023

Welcome to IEEE Spectrum’s 10th yearly rankings of the Best Programming Languages. Though the way we place the TPL with each other has developed in excess of the previous 10 years, the essentials remain the same: to combine a number of metrics of attractiveness into a established of rankings that mirror the different requirements of various viewers.

This year, Python does not just continue being No. 1 in our common “Spectrum” ranking—which is weighted to replicate the pursuits of the usual IEEE member—but it widens its lead. Python’s greater dominance appears to be mainly at the price of smaller sized, far more specialised, languages. It has turn out to be the jack-of-all-trades language—and the grasp of some, such as AI, wherever potent and in depth libraries make it ubiquitous. And even though Moore’s Regulation is winding down for high-finish computing, lower-finish microcontrollers are still benefiting from performance gains, which usually means there’s now enough computing ability readily available on a US $.70 CPU to make Python a contender in embedded advancement, irrespective of the overhead of an interpreter. Python also appears to be solidifying its posture for the long expression: A lot of kids and teens now software their to start with sport or blink their very first LED working with Python. They can then transfer seamlessly into far more sophisticated domains, and even get a position, with the similar language.

But Python by yourself does not make a job. In our “Jobs” rating, it is SQL that shines at No. 1. Ironically although, you are quite unlikely to get a occupation as a pure SQL programmer. Rather, companies like, love, love, observing SQL techniques in tandem with some other language these as Java or C++. With today’s distributed architectures, a lot of business enterprise-significant details reside in SQL databases, whether it’s the record of magic spells a participant understands in an on-line recreation or the quantity of income in their genuine-lifestyle financial institution account. If you want to to do nearly anything with that information and facts, you require to know how to get at it.

But really do not permit Python and SQL’s rankings fool you: Programming is even now much from getting a monoculture. Java and the different C-like languages outweigh Python in their combined attractiveness, specially for higher-performance or useful resource-sensitive jobs where by that interpreter overhead of Python’s is still as well high priced (even though there are a number of attempts to make Python much more competitive on that front). And there are program ecologies that are resistant to currently being absorbed into Python for other explanations.

We observed more fintech developer positions seeking for chops in Cobol than in crypto

For example, R, a language made use of for statistical assessment and visualization, arrived to prominence with the rise of huge info many several years in the past. Even though potent, it’s not uncomplicated to master, with enigmatic syntax and features ordinarily getting carried out on overall vectors, lists, and

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Panasonic’s wearable gaming speaker is the weirdest gadget I have ever seen

Photo this: you are possessing a gaming session but never extravagant donning 1 of the most effective gaming headsets, nor disrupting the family with overtly loud sounds from your set up. So what are your selections? Very well, Panasonic has a alternative that is just one of the weirdest gadgets I’ve ever viewed.

I am conversing about the Panasonic GNW10 Audio Slayer. Which is a wearable speaker developed with avid gamers in thoughts. But not like the best headphones, as the Audio Slayer won’t make get hold of with your ears, it as a substitute sits close to your neck like 1 of individuals little plane pillows, albeit filled with speakers that challenge audio to your ears for immersion that way.

It is not the to start with time Panasonic has dabbled in wearable speakers, while, with the key image on this incredibly article exhibiting off the first-technology merchandise, the SC-GN01 Seem Slayer, which came out back in Oct of 2021. That obtained a bunch of non-favourable testimonials, even though, so I suspect with the GNW10 that Panasonic has taken that on board for a significantly greater practical experience. 

The new Sound Slayer wearable speaker is really 60 for every cent more substantial than the primary, and arrives with four speakers that can provide a few-dimensional audio for legitimate immersion. It’s suitable with Personal computer, as well as PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Change consoles, so it truly is nice and versatile for gamers on most platforms. 

Panasonic Sound Slayer

(Image credit history: Future / Panasonic)

When Panasonic isn’t really usually offered kudos for remaining the most renowned audio participant in the tech market, I’d like to remind you that it owns Technics, a well-reputed audio brand, and that legacy certainly supplies audio competencies in the enterprise. Even Panasonic’s best-tier 2023 Television, the MZ2000 OLED, provides sound that I believed down below its LG opposition out of the water, which puts the Sound Slayer in a very good position by default in my mind.

The wearable gaming speaker also consists of LED lights, voice activation, in addition Panasonic’s game-distinct seem modes, this sort of as RPG and FPS modes for purpose-playing and 1st-man or woman shooter supporters. Lag is said to be a speedy 20ms, so audio will get to your ears with no you lacking a beat (or shot, or mystery passage, or what ever else).

Like the sound of it? Or just want to verify out the GNW10 Seem Slayer to see how whacky it appears to be like in true lifetime? You can expect to will

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