BikeExchange-Jayco working with Huge-branded GPS laptop or computer that isn’t really* a new Phases Sprint

BikeExchange-Jayco working with Huge-branded GPS laptop or computer that isn’t really* a new Phases Sprint

Dylan Groenewegen, Teniel Campbell, and a several other riders from Staff BikeExchange-Jayco have lately been noticed employing what at initially look appears to be a new cycling computer from the team’s bicycle sponsor, Big. On the other hand, after a minimal digging, points are not what they initial look. 

Over the earlier month of racing, riders from the staff have been employing many desktops from market place leaders Garmin, but with the peloton’s outdated faithful black tape hiding the branding. A lot more a short while ago, nonetheless, riders have been noticed utilizing pcs with a huge Huge symbol on the front for all the earth to see. 

A group of Team BikeExchange-Jayco riders on their Giant bikes with Giant computers on the front

All riders from the workforce can be seen making use of a but-to-be-released Large biking pc (Impression credit score: Big Bicycles)

Our very first views were that of intrigue about Giant’s intentions and route. Huge currently has a pair of cycling computers in its portfolio, the Axact and the Neos, but they’re aimed at the funds finish of the current market at £19.99 and £49.99 respectively. The laptop utilised by the BikeExchange Jayco group looks like neither of the higher than – and would without doubt be of increased specs – so it in the beginning appears that Large is having the battle to Garmin and Wahoo in the current market for the finest cycling computers. 

But as mentioned previously mentioned, there is certainly a twist. Thanks to the sharp-taking pictures photographers at Setmana Ciclista Valenciana, we can see that this new Huge computer’s design name is Dash M200.

BikeExchange Jayco Giant computer

A closeup of Teniel Campbell’s hand provides away the Huge computer’s design name, etched on to the underside (Picture credit score: Getty Visuals)

‘Dash’ is the nomenclature used by Levels for its biking personal computers, and a brand name as huge as Large would not just rip off a competitor’s branding so blatantly – however ironically the brand’s e-bicycle laptop or computer shows are offered the similar name of RideDash. 

We are thinking no matter whether this Giant computer is a Phases in disguise, and subsequently, whether or not the Sprint M200 is an as-however-unreleased substitution for the current Phases Dash M50. It absolutely appears to be plausible, and when you check out the design of the new computer, the probability only grows.

Giant Dash M200 next to a Stages Dash M50

The Large Dash M200 up coming to a Phases Dash M50 (Graphic credit: Getty Visuals)

Huge will not presently advertise the Dash M200 on its site, but Googling the expression provides up the image over, remaining, which we’ve laid future to the existing Phases Dash M50, suitable. 

The similarities are noticeable. The 4 buttons that sit aspect-by-facet at the base of the screen, the modest icons earlier mentioned them, and the format of the display screen are all layout cues that even further advise that this is a Stages in disguise, rather than a Huge pc. 

We truly mused the risk that Stages would make a return to the WorldTour with Giant when we wrote our WorldTour Bikes guide. The

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