Best 60% keyboards for gaming, typing and programming

Compact keyboards are the fastest-growing segment of the mechanical keyboard space, a reversal of the traditional wisdom that gamers want full-size boards with tons of macro keys, media controls and other exciting doodads. Instead, these 60 percent boards focus on a clean aesthetic that’s super-portable and takes up minimal desk space. In this round-up, we’ll share our recommendations for the very best compact keyboards on the market based on our extensive testing.

Indie keyboard makers have been making 60 percent keyboards for the enthusiast crowd for years, but now the bigger brands are starting to get involved – the Razers, Corsairs and Logitechs of the world. If you wanted to see what the fuss is about with these smaller boards without losing creature comforts like synchronised RGB lighting and well-developed software packages, this is a great time to jump aboard the mini keyboard bandwagon. Of course, smaller vendors have their advantages too, and we’ll try to cover both ends of the spectrum – while still focusing on boards that are readily available.

Oh, and the by the way – if you’re interested in seeing our picks for full-size keyboards too, do check out our round-ups of the best gaming keyboards and best mechanical keyboards, both of which have some unique options worth knowing about!

  1. Corsair K65 Mini
  2. Mountain Everest 60
  3. HyperX Alloy Origins 60
  4. Royal Kludge RK61
  5. Redragon K530 Draconic
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1. Corsair K65 Mini

The confusingly-titled £110/$140 Corsair K65 Mini is our favourite 60 percent size keyboard. It nails the 60 percent aesthetic, with clean lines and large legends inscribed in the PBT keycaps that let in a lot of (RGB) light; there’s even a replacement space bar if you don’t like the geometric motifs on the default option.

I’m a fan of the way that Corsair have opted for side-printed legends for secondary functions, which eliminates the messy-looking keys you’ll see on many 60 percent boards while still making it easy to find the functions you’re looking for. Another nice touch is the choice of exactly where these secondary functions are; a virtual mouse is available on WASD while the arrow keys are sensibly clustered around J. Lighting controls, media and volume controls are also present and accounted for.

Corsair’s iCUE software is heavy but powerful, allowing you to rebind keys, program macros and even set up intricate lighting patterns to provide just the right look. Of course, all of that is worthless without a good typing experience, and the Cherry MX Red or Speed Silver switches do feel nice to use – although a bit noisy, with an audible ‘ping’ as each key rebounds. The K65 Mini is also one of a few keyboards to support an 8000Hz update rate, which marginally decreases input lag according to impartial tests from the likes of Battle(non)sense.

All things considered, there’s a lot to like here: all of the standard

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The weekend’s best deals: HyperX gaming headsets, ergonomic keyboards, and more

Ars Technica

It’s the weekend, which means the time has come for another Dealmaster. Our latest roundup of the best tech deals from around the web includes a good discount on HyperX’s Cloud Alpha, a gaming headset we like. It’s currently down to $60 at several retailers, which matches the best sale we’ve tracked and comes in about $15 below its typical street price online.

The Cloud Alpha has been available for a few years now, but it remains a commendable option for those who want a no-frills gaming headset, particularly at this discounted price. For one, the Alpha is comfortable: the design doesn’t clamp too hard on the head, and the ample soft padding on the headband and earcups keeps the headset comfortable to wear for hours at a time. The headband is adjustable, the included 3.5 mm cable is fully detachable, and the whole thing feels sturdy. There’s no wireless connectivity, but that shouldn’t be a big negative for gaming purposes: every modern gaming console and PC still uses a 3.5 mm jack, and the microphones found on wireless headsets tend to sound worse anyway.

In general, headsets explicitly marketed toward gaming often don’t sound as sharp as the best standard headphones at the same price, but the Cloud Alpha performs well for what it is. There’s a slight bass boost, but the sound is never muddy or overwhelming. The headset also does a good job of accurately locating and separating sounds in a mix, so you won’t have trouble, say, pinpointing where bullets are coming from in an online first-person shooter. That said, the treble range is a bit lacking in detail, and like most closed-back headphones, the soundstage isn’t especially wide. Likewise, the included boom mic could stand to sound clearer, though it does well to block out background noise. It’s fine. The mic is also fully detachable.

We named the Cooler Master MH751 our top pick in a past guide to the best gaming headsets, and if money is no object, we still give that pair the slight nod. Its mic is more accurate in a quiet room, it’s a little lighter on the head, and its sound is a bit more balanced. The MH751 has a more subdued design, too, though it’s not as adept at isolating outside noise. The two pairs are very close, though, and the MH751 currently cost $16 more online. If you want to save a few bucks on a gaming headset that gets the job done, the Cloud Alpha should be the better value at this deal price specifically.

Beyond that, our roundup also includes the best price we’ve seen for Microsoft’s Sculpt wireless ergonomic keyboard, which is down to $49 at Amazon. This is an older model that only works over a USB dongle (i.e., not Bluetooth), uses simple, laptop-style membrane keys, and isn’t as adjustable as other ergonomic keyboards. If you’ve been interested in giving ergonomic keyboards a try, though, this is an affordable way in.

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Shop laptops, keyboards, monitors and extra

— Recommendations are independently picked out by Reviewed’s editors. Buys you make via our inbound links may perhaps receive us a fee.

Presidents Day computer system offers can assistance you help save significant on laptops, monitors, keyboards and extra. Regardless of whether your home place of work requirements a engineering improve or your outdated gaming rig could use a refresh, now is an best time to store. Tons of vendors like Amazon, Very best Purchase, HP, Samsung and Walmart all have Presidents Day computer system bargains going on ideal now. 

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If you might be hunting to amp up your laptop gaming practical experience, contemplate this Onikuma gaming headset with noise cancelling microphone, breathable ear pads and bass encompass seem from Walmart. These above-the-ear headphones commonly ring up at $79.99 but you can rating them for just $35.99 correct now. With 426 5-star evaluations from shoppers, it is harmless to say this accessory is gamer-approved.

The best Presidents Working day revenue of 2022

If you’re seeking for a large-performance notebook, take into consideration the Lenovo Ideapad 3, presently on sale at Very best Get for $90 off, ringing up at $409.99. We ranked the Lenovo Ideapad 3 as just one of the ideal price range laptops of 2022 and even though the value tag is nevertheless steep, the unit is dependable and strong, producing it a worthwhile investment. With a Windows 11 operating technique, multi-touch display screen and 8GB system memory, this laptop computer can manage image and movie editing, video games and a lot more.

Completely ready to enhance to a new computer system or seize extras to use with the 1 you have? Below are the finest Presidents’ Working day pc promotions you can find suitable now at the most important merchants.

Update 4:00PM EST: We are updating this post reside through the day to notice any main modifications to price tag, availability, totally free delivery, or picks as they arrive up. -Adrien Ramirez, Reviewed

The very best Presidents’ Day computer promotions at Samsung

Samsung computer deals

The greatest Presidents’ Working day computer system deals at Greatest Purchase

Best buy computer deals

The finest Presidents’ Working day computer system promotions at HP

HP Deals

The greatest Presidents’ Day computer deals at Amazon

Amazon deals

The ideal Presidents’ Day computer discounts at Walmart

Walmart deals

The very best Presidents’ Working day laptop offers at eBay

eBay deals

Are there Presidents Day laptop or computer product sales?

Certainly, there are a great deal of Presidents Day pc sales these days, February 21. HP hosts its Presidents’ Day sale function in which you can rating up to 70% on decide on items and free shipping and delivery storewide. Additionally, with eligible accessories, HP is giving an further 5% off when you acquire them with a Computer system.

You are going to preserve the most with Samsung when trading in an suitable outdated personal computer, which involves an up to $250 prompt

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The best gaming keyboards of 2022

Not all gaming keyboards are created equal. The switches (the mechanism under each key that identifies a press) and key caps that a gaming keyboard is equipped with can have a huge impact on not just gaming but also on the everyday typing experience.

CNN Underscored spent a few months testing 12 gaming keyboards, checking for ease of setup, software support, performance while gaming, typing lengthy documents and connectivity options. Admittedly, personal preference is going to play a big part in deciding which gaming keyboard is best for you. Do you like something that’s loud that provides tactile feedback with each keypress? Or do you prefer a key that’s quiet and requires little pressure before a keypress is registered? Because personal preference is certainly a factor, we made sure to take into account which options give you flexibility in use and setup.

After all was said and done, the best overall pick was as close as it gets, but after a lot of debate, we settled on a premium keyboard and a budget pick.

Best overall gaming keyboard

After thousands of keypresses and countless hours of testing, the Apex Pro rose to the top of our testing pool. And at $199.99, it delivers a comfortable typing experience and fit right into our gaming style. From playing action-packed first-person shooters to a more casual session of Minecraft, it kept up without any hiccups.

Best budget gaming keyboard

The SteelSeries Apex 3 borrows some of the same core features of the Pro but cuts corners on some of the more advanced features. The switched are whisper-quiet and they’re responsive enough that we couldn’t find any issues with them whether we were posting to Twitter or playing just one more match of Call of Duty: Warzone.


When it comes to a keyboard that checks off all of the possible boxes and then some, the Apex Pro shines bright, delivering extreme value with adjustable switches, individual key lighting and an OLED display that makes quickly changing settings a breeze.

The SteelSeries Apex Pro is a full-size keyboard, complete with a number pad and volume dial in an aluminum frame. It forgoes wireless connectivity for a USB connection. The cord actually has two USB connectors that connect to your computer. One adapter is for the keyboard itself, while the other adapter allows you to use a USB port that’s built directly into the keyboard itself. Having a USB port on your keyboard is convenient if getting to the back or bottom of your gaming PC is difficult, especially if all you’re doing is plugging in a thumb drive or another temporary peripheral.

The bottom of the keyboard includes channels to route the USB cables to two different spots on the back of the housing, along with adjustable legs that will put the keyboard at different angles based on your preference.

Each key is individually lit with RGB colors that you can control and customize using the SteelSeries Engine 3 app (available for Mac and

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Best keyboards for programmers in 2022

Every programmer starts with whatever keyboard is at hand, nowadays probably the one on your laptop.  However, once you start making a living punching keys to write code, you will want to invest in a decent keyboard. A keyboard for programmers is one that first and foremost has the “right” feel to your typing style, one that lets you type fast and comfortably. 

The more comfortable a programmer is with his keyboard, the more productive they’ll be by typing hotkeys without making mistakes while minimizing mouse usage. More advanced programmers will crave a keyboard that they can reprogram too: there are ones with special keys that you can configure to launch selected apps or actions. Ideally, it also has to be one that keeps you healthy, so you should consider an ergonomic keyboard option if you spend the day typing like there’s no tomorrow. 

What’s inside a keyboard anyway?

Just reading reviews of keyboards these days the uninitiated can feel overcome with jargon anxiety.  Worry not, what you need to know are the basic technologies used by modern PC keyboard designs: membrane, rubber dome, and mechanical keyboards.  Membrane based keyboards are the cheapest to manufacture and the ones with a rubbery feeling. Membrane keyboards are also inexpensive and disposable since they’re not built to last.  

Most laptop keyboards have a scissor mechanism on the keycaps, on top of rubber domes, on top of a membrane. In other words, when you hear the term “membrane keyboard,” it’s usually a rubber dome. These keyboards are also silent which makes them good in certain situations, but they won’t last as long and -with very few exceptions- they provide little or no customization.

With a mechanical keyboard, you have a separate switch below every key, which means the whole mechanism is more reliable and you can type much more comfortably by having better tactile feedback, improving your mood and making long coding sessions less stressful and more enjoyable.  On top of that you get tons of customization options, from easily replaceable keycaps to programmable function special keys.

It will be no surprise then that we picked mechanical keyboards for many categories: their lifespan is measured in decades not years, and provide you with the ability to exchange keycaps, change switches for a different tactile feeling, and a choice of noise levels based on the different types of mechanical switches. 

Mountain Everest Max

A mechanical keyboard with a swappable numerical keypad. (Image credit: Mountain)

Best mechanical keyboard


Form factor: Full size

Numeric keypad: Yes

Switches: 3-Pin Cherry MX, hot-swappable

Ports: USB Type-C (3.2 Gen 1)

Reasons to buy

+Ample room for customization+Detachable numpad and media dock+Stream deck keys+Aluminum base, ABS keycaps

Reasons to avoid

ExpensiveAs heavy as a laptop

There are no two programmers that are identical: coders are used to modifying everything and pushing the limits in the virtual world. Now thanks to the Mountain Everest Max keyboard, they can achieve customization nirvana in the physical

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