Koenigsegg Experienced to Revolutionize EV Technologies to Make the Hybrid Gemera

Koenigsegg arrived up with its own style for the electrical powertrain in the Gemera hybrid hypercar. Founder Christian von Koenigsegg is a fan of electrical cars, and as CEO of the automaker that bears his identify, he has dedicated around half of the company’s exploration and growth finances toward planning, developing and developing EV systems. The electrical half of the Gemera’s 1700-hp hybrid powertrain is really outrageous—and could I remind you, the inside-combustion 50 percent is made up of a twin-turbo 3-cylinder engine with no camshafts and a solitary-gear transmission known as Koenigsegg Immediate Push.

At the heart of the Gemera’s electrified drivetrain are some in-house-developed elements that, the company states, are the most energy- and electricity-dense examples on earth. Here’s how Koenigsegg turns electrons into acceleration.

Just about every electric automobile is managed by an inverter, the element that normally takes the immediate-recent vitality coming out of a battery and adjustments it to the alternating current that powers the motors. The inverter dictates how an EV performs: When the driver moves the accelerator pedal, it sends a signal to the inverter. The inverter controls the motor’s speed by switching the frequency of the alternating latest, and adjusts energy and torque by managing the amplitude of the present. Hence, the inverter can close up getting the limiting variable in an EVs electricity output and acceleration functionality.

Koenigsegg’s new silicon carbide, 6-phase inverter weighs just 22 pounds. With a volume of close to 10 liters, it is exceptionally compact. At 850 volts DC, the inverter can generate up to 750 kW of motor energy. Hence the identify that Koenigsegg selected for this ingredient: David, following the tiny but victorious contender in the perfectly-regarded biblical tale.

The Gemera has two of these inverters, meaning an output functionality of up to 1.5 megawatts—or just around 2000 hp.

koenigsegg power inverter
Koenigsegg’s “David” inverter, demonstrated with a 12-oz beverage can for dimension comparison.


One David inverter can either operate two motors independently, or a single motor up to the whole 750 kW. The inverter was designed to meet up with aerospace standards for severe environments, that means absolutely-sealed housings and standardized brief-connectors. Koenigsegg has even made a variation that’s built into the company’s electrical motor device, which implies fewer bodily quantity and less cables.

“We are going to release some quite cool stuff we are now doing for the Gemera,” von Koenigsegg advised Street & Keep track of. “We are developing in-house the world’s most electrical power- and energy-dense inverter, most power- and torque-dense electrical motors, transmissions for them, and our in-residence-created battery packs, control methods and anything else. These are at the best degrees I have ever observed, and we have been performing in stealth manner on this for a couple of years now, and it’s pretty exciting to display them to the community.”

power output graph for the koenigsegg gemera
Electric power output graph for the Koenigsegg Gemera.


Plainly, von Koenigsegg is thrilled by EV technology. For a long time, his daily motorists have all been Teslas. “I’m on my 2nd Product S, which is a P85D Ludicrous Plus. A little bit of a unique 1, a couple a long time previous,” he stated. “Then I have a Model 3 General performance, and I also have the Plaid on purchase. I also ordered the Cybertruck, but from what I understand, it could not arrive to Europe. Oh, and I also requested the new Roadster of training course. Mainly, what I have not requested is the [Model] Y and the [Model] X.”

He also owns an particularly rare initial-era Tesla Roadster—a 2010 Signature 1 Hundred, variety 007 out of 100 developed. It’s out of commission at the second, remaining comprehensively examined by the staff powering Koenigsegg’s ultra-strong EV methods.

“I’m undertaking a minimal little bit of a restomod,” von Koenigsegg explained. “They have this new, improved battery pack, and then I’m cleansing up the interior slightly, things like that. I essentially purchased the Roadster when we had been just starting the Regera system, with 800-volt electrification. Everyone in this article was like, oh, that’s super perilous. And of class, it is. You have to observe out, pay out awareness.”

Von Koenigsegg required to get his palms on a creation EV that experienced been in targeted visitors for a few decades, with a regarded safety record, as an illustration for his crew. “The Roadster in fact has a good basic safety document in phrases of not building any wild scenarios,” he stated. “So we took it listed here and started off wanting at it.” While the Koenigsegg crew made the decision not to specifically duplicate any of Tesla’s electrical security programs, the Roadster furnished a good illustration of the recent point out of the art. “We did not use it as a benchmark for our [our system] really should glimpse, but a lot more for what essentially is effective in actuality, and how a great deal far better we can test to make it,” von Koenigsegg reported.

Right now, the previous couple illustrations of the Koenigsegg Regera plug-in hybrid hypercar are becoming done at the manufacturing unit in Sweden. When this automobile was staying produced back again in 2015, von Koenigsegg turned to a youthful Croatian entrepreneur for high-overall performance EV components: Mate Rimac. Von Koenigsegg experienced been a mentor to Rimac for years, guiding the electric powered automobile innovator on issues like structural composites and minimal-volume motor vehicle creation. In convert, Rimac assisted Koenigsegg on battery enhancement, and even provided some welded assemblies for Koenigsegg production.

koenigsegg power distribution unit
Rimac has furnished engineering and manufacturing assistance for Koenigsegg’s hybrid drivetrain electronics.


Mate Rimac has observed substantial achievements, with expenditure from Porsche and Volkswagen and, far more not long ago, a merger with Bugatti to variety Bugatti Rimac. Von Koenigsegg is duly impressed by his protege’s increase. “First of all, what a journey! I imply, three or four years in the past, no one would have believed this could materialize,” von Koenigsegg stated. “People would have stated it’s not possible, or insane. It is a various mentality presently, pertaining to what is attainable. It is extra or considerably less infinite, which is awesome.”

With Rimac now centered on its long run with Bugatti, von Koenigsegg made the decision to manage his electrification initiatives in-property. He launched HV Devices, a standalone enterprise within Koenigsegg centered on higher-general performance electrification, handling development and output of EV factors. Now, von Koenigsegg is keen to embark on some mixing and matching of internal-combustion and EV systems, all in the identify of best pace.

“I’m pretty thrilled by electrification,” he said. “I feel it’s tremendous appealing what is taking place in the environment, and for the ordinary car scene, it’s an absolute environmental reward. I would say a typical passenger automobile gets superior when it receives electrified, as long as you have adequate vary for your wants, and plenty of fast chargers are available. I travel my Tesla extra or fewer every single working day, and it’s best for that.”

But von Koenigsegg thinks the fully-electrified upcoming of overall performance cars and trucks is nonetheless a strategies off. “It’s just not as emotionally exciting,” he claimed. “And for the time staying, EVs are also heavier. So for a athletics automobile, it just doesn’t do it completely for me, which is why we did the Regera where by we combined and matched, maintaining the bodyweight down but with electrifying reaction.”

koenigsegg gemera
Koenigsegg Gemera


Keep in mind that, on top of factors like that David inverter, Koenigsegg is also advancing reducing-edge know-how in the realm of inner combustion—like the Little Welcoming Giant, the 2.-liter twin-turbo three-cylinder that tends to make 600 horsepower, a bigger energy-for every-liter output than any road-auto motor in heritage. It will pair with the EV technology in the Gemera to incorporate up to 1700 hybrid horsepower. Clearly, von Koenigsegg has enthusiasm for inner combustion and EVs alike.

“I’m not for or against electrification,” he reported. “Same for combustion engines. We push frontiers, blend and match, regardless of what helps make perception. We will see wherever the environment is heading, what we will be allowed to do, and what we can use these systems for.” He points out the small, torquey electric motors his firm has produced, along with the lightweight and compact David inverter. “These we are joyful to share with other folks, even however they are almost certainly much too costly for ordinary passenger vehicles. We didn’t make them cheap—we designed them tiny, light-weight and strong.”

It is an remarkable time at Koenigsegg. The organization is growing its manufacturing facility, making a new “experience center” for customers and media. The very last Regeras are staying created, and the Jesko creation line has just fired up. There’s a new warehouse and pre-assembly plant a several minutes absent from the initial campus. The organization now has just more than 500 employees, a variety that retains escalating. Koenigsegg has the swiftest-revving creation-auto engine, the most electric power-dense piston motor at any time put in in a street car or truck, and EV technological innovation to provide the firm effectively into the future. We can not wait to see what is up coming.

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