The best gaming chairs in 2022

Gaming chairs — those sleek, high-backed race-car-cockpit–styled seats — have finally gone mainstream. Now available in styles from the flashy to the professional and with some costing less than a decent headset, the gamer-focused furniture can now be appreciated by anyone who wants more upper back and shoulder support than the average task chair can provide — whether they’re gaming or just spending more time in front of a desk.

To help you make the best choice no matter what your budget, we’ve done the leg (and lumbar) work, testing out seven of the most popular offerings through marathon gaming sessions and lengthy workdays. After all that, we picked out three great chairs that’ll help you enjoy your favorite pastime without abusing your back.

Best gaming chair overall

A fantastic mix of comfort, features, affordability and appealing aesthetics, the Razer Enki is easily on par with other premium chairs priced $100 higher or more.

Best budget gaming chair

While it’s not as refined or feature-packed as some of the more premium-priced options, the Devoko gaming chair more than delivers, and for a fraction of the cost.

Best high-end gaming chair

If budget isn’t an issue and you’re looking to go all in on comfort, features and style, you won’t do better than this next-level Herman Miller/Logitech mash-up.

While Razer’s first gaming chair — the Razer Iskur — just launched in 2020, it seems the company’s a quick study. Its latest effort, the Razer Enki, not only improves on its predecessor but easily keeps pace with the higher-priced competition.

For starters, the Enki’s easy on the eyes. Despite Razer’s penchant for lighting up its products like Christmas trees, the Enki sports an appealing, surprisingly understated aesthetic. Its logos and green accents make it instantly recognizable as a Razer product, but their subtle placement and reserved presentation won’t distract during a work-from-home business meeting.

What does stand out — in the best way — is the chair’s dual-textured seat and back, delivering a unique style that looks as good as it feels. Speaking of which, the Enki also receives high marks for all-around comfort. The seat and back nail the sweet spot between spongy and firm, while the built-in lumbar arch did right by our posture. One caveat here: The Enki doesn’t include a lumbar pillow, nor does it allow for any sort of lumbar support adjustment. We felt the fixed arch was properly crafted to fit us and should work for a wide range of people, but if you’re particular about lumbar support you’ll likely want to try the Enki before you buy.

Adjustments are otherwise plentiful, with lots of customization options for height, tilt, tension and recline. The 4D armrests — supporting adjustments for height and angle as well as forward-and-backward and side-to-side positioning — are an especially nice feature, one typically reserved for pricier gaming chairs. We also appreciated the steep, 152-degree recline when it was time to relax or lean way back for some portable gaming on our

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