15 Best Coding Games for Kids

If you’re a parent, then chances are you’ve heard endless debates about how screen time affects children. And while it’s always a good idea to encourage your kids to put down their phones, tablets, and laptops in order to get some fresh air, there’s nothing wrong with giving your children some screen time — especially if they’re learning something with their devices. Looking for some educational online games that your kids will actually enjoy? Then you’ll want to check out the best coding websites and games for kids, which can nurture everything from problem-solving skills to critical thinking to creativity.

Learning to code has many benefits that can help kids out later in life, too. In addition to being a skill that’s highly valued in the workforce, coding teaches people how to work more efficiently and logically. As Steve Jobs once said, “Everyone in this country should learn how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think.” Of course, it might help to know a little bit more about coding and its benefits before you get your children started (and no, teaching your kid to code doesn’t mean you expect them to become the next Steve Jobs). Here’s what you should know about coding programs for kids:

What is coding, in simple terms?

Simply put, coding is telling a computer or machine how to perform a task. As a rep from Raspberry Pi Foundation explains, “Coding is one aspect of digital making. When you write code, you are writing instructions for a computer to follow.” As complex as they may seem, computers are actually simple devices, so that’s why you have to give them really simple instructions that you then build into a complex set of rules. And learning how to provide those instructions isn’t just helpful for computers — it challenges programmers to communicate with computers in a way that makes sense.

Why is coding good for kids?

Teaching your kid how to code won’t just make them a computer whiz — it will teach them plenty of other valuable skills as well. “When young people are given opportunities to learn and create with code, they can do incredible things, from expressing themselves creatively, to highlighting real-world issues or controlling a robot,” the Raspberry Pi Foundation rep says. “Coding also helps develop young people’s resilience and problem-solving skills, as debugging is a key part of the process to ensure their code works correctly.” Yes, they may get frustrated at times, but it’s all part of the process!

At what age can a child start coding?

Just like when learning a new language, it’s both better and easier to learn coding skills from a young age. “There is research into children being able to learn aspects of coding from the age of three, as well as during kindergarten and early elementary school,” the Raspberry Pi Foundation rep explains. “Younger children typically learn coding by programming graphical symbols. Then they move on to block-based coding and text-based coding.”

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As a coding language, C++ appeals to the moi, not the intellect

I see that this internet site has a tendency to extol the virtues of C++ as a programming language. As another person who has labored with C++ and who has adopted the debate all-around its use for a lengthy time, I assume it can be time to established the report straight.

The fact is that C++ is 1 of the worst languages at any time foisted on the industry. Much from staying applied in modern day investing devices, C++ must now only be utilised for legacy jobs. It is based all over machine imagining, which is not programming considering.

Generations of programmers have been misled by C and C++. Many have fallen into the black gap of its cult with trite platitudes like ‘under the hood programming’, which suggests no additional than driving together with the hood open up, attempting to correct the motor, but unable to see the road. Cult followers urge conclusion-end users to “rely on the programmer”, which is silly and naive, but appeals to the programmer’s ego. And programmers are meant to have “flexibility,” even though no just one ever claims flexibility from what.-  It can be unquestionably not independence from the flaws and traps of C++.

Programming is about programming and not about components devices (programs run on theoretical equipment). That would seem challenging to fully grasp and counter to people’s instinct. C++ just supports the intuitive and populist thinking as an alternative of hoping to fix it.

So not only is C++ technically poor, but it is culturally poor considering that it appeals to the ego, rather than the intellect.

I’m not the only just one to dislike C++. Ken Thompson, the Bell Labs researcher who carried out the original Unix running procedure, explained it as a “negative language” which is “way way too big, way far too complicated” and “definitely constructed by a committee.” Damningly, Thompson also said that C++ does, “a good deal of issues fifty percent perfectly” but is “just a garbage heap of ideas that are mutually special.”

The problem is that C++ is dependent on C and C by itself is not a good language. It is comprehensive of flaws and compromises. It compromised on compiler technologies, eternally forcing programmers to acquire care of depth that must easily be accomplished by a compiler. In convert, C was primarily based on B, which was based on Martin Richards’ BCPL, which by itself was a cut down on Christopher Strachey’s CPL, which was as well ambitions to be implemented at the time. It is Strachey who is the authentic genius listed here in my view, not persons like Bjarne Stroustrup, who now performs for Morgan Stanley and who hacked OO into C to create C++, even even though C wasn’t a great foundation. 

Either way, if you happen to be making an attempt to discover C++ and you are struggling to learn it, it really is not you that’s the problem. The language is flawed. Designing

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Best laptops for coding & programming 2022

Programming is a demanding and often relentless job that requires the right equipment – so we’ve picked out the best laptops for coding so you can concentrate on the task at hand.

Choosing the best laptops for programming isn’t as simple as buying the priciest machine you can find. It’s got to have the right kind of components, for starters: it’s vital to have a powerful processor that can handle coding, compiling, test environments and virtual machines, and you’ll also need at least 16GB of memory, with 32GB preferable.

Elsewhere, the best laptops for coding should have a fast SSD to ensure that files and apps load quickly. And, if you regularly work on the road, you’ll need good battery life too.

There are more crucial considerations. If you’re a programmer, then you’ll probably spend hours looking at this laptop, so it’s important to have a high-quality display – it’ll render your code crisply and help avoid eye strain. And you’re going to be doing loads of typing on your new laptop, so a crisp, comfortable keyboard is essential.

Those are certainly the critical areas if you’re on the hunt for the best laptop for programming, but they’re not the only things you should consider. You’ll need a thin, light and sturdy device if you work out of the office, and check that it’s got enough ports for all of your peripherals. Happily, there are plenty of laptops that tick these boxes at all kinds of budgets, and we’ve rounded the best of them below.

And before we get started, you may have noticed we’re using the terms pretty interchangeably here as both coders and programmers need the same things out of a laptop, but there are some key differences when it comes to coding vs programming, so check out our explainer article too.

MacBook Pro M1 16-inch laptop

(Image credit: Future)

The best laptop for coding and programming.


CPU: Apple M1 Pro chip 10-core

GPU: Integrated 16-core GPU

RAM: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB

Storage: 512GB, 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, 8TB

Screen size: 16-inch Liquid Retina XDR 3456 x 2234 display

Weight: 4.7 lbs (2.1kg)

Dimensions: 14.01 x 9.77 x 0.66in (358 x 284 x 17mm)

Reasons to buy


Huge programming power


Fantastic high-resolution display


Brilliant keyboard

Professionals have long favored Apple’s machines, and that remains true with the MacBook Pro 16 – it ticks every box required for high-end programming.

Apple’s 10-core M1 Pro processor is a powerhouse. Combine that with the 32GB of memory and the 16-core graphics chip and you’ve got a machine that will handle any programming situation, from complex coding and compiling to running virtual machines. The battery easily lasts a full day, too.

The Liquid Retina XDR is sensational. Its 3456 x 2234 native resolution and 1000-nit brightness level means everything looks gorgeous, and you’ve got the width and on-screen space to spread work around.

The keyboard is crisp and comfortable, so it’s well-suited for all-day typing, and this machine has an SD card slot, three Thunderbolt

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Coding vs programming: What is the variation?

In the 21st century, “learn to code” has grow to be a mantra of kinds for a specified type of individual. And of course, for quite a few persons, coding is a fantastic 1st or even next profession choice soon after attending universities, coding bootcamps, or 1 of the very best on the web coding courses. But the related conditions you see on the internet are puzzling. What is coding as opposed with programming or even phrases like computer software engineering? 

The discrepancies are major, and the phrases are normally muddled with each other. 1 motive is a amusing mixture of audiences that discuss about coding: on the one particular hand, people today who are lifelong coders who know their phrases inside of and out with no clarification and on the other hand, men and women who really do not however know the distinction and are just accomplishing their most effective.

So let us apparent that variation up. In the sections that abide by, you are going to discover what coding is, what programming is, and the difference concerning coding and programming. We’ve also put alongside one another a guide to the best laptops for coding also, if you do decide to decide on it up as a interest or occupation.

To place it simply just, if you have been a author, coding would be the mechanics of spelling phrases, selecting the suitable vocabulary, and earning readable sentences. Programming, and the connected subject of software program engineering, is how you make confident your sentences operate alongside one another, the last essay would make feeling, you’ve turned it in on time, and the man or woman who assigned it will be happy with the result. 

If that sounds like a significant career, it actually is! Primarily at small studios in which particular person people today at times do all of people duties. But realizing the big difference between coding vs programming can enable you navigate understanding to code as well as constructing the skills to consider on extra duty.

If your kids have started off demonstrating an curiosity in pcs and you would like to give them a gateway to the world of coding and programming, then examine out our guideline to the greatest coding toys for little ones.

What is the variation amongst coding and programming?

JavaScript programming language

(Graphic credit: Getty)

The phrases coding and programming are normally employed interchangeably by folks who really do not know any far better, since often their tasks can search and appear comparable. But the distinctions are stark and easy to summarize. Coding refers to the process of composing code, or exclusively described technological language, in purchase for the code to be understood by the laptop or system. Coders are provided parameters and they devote their time typing up the right facts. 

On the other hand, programming is a bigger group of work that features coding as one particular portion. Programmers are tasked with creating, effectively, programs. Their function can

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Column: Computer system coding is easy mailing a letter is really hard

There is, on the other hand, wisdom that accrues with age, even if it’s wisdom about matters that are setting up to fall from prevalent use. For instance: I know how to mail a letter.

It is a quaint art, and some of us of a specific age are so adept at dealing with the U.S. Postal Assistance that it is second-character, type of the way much more contemporary whippersnappers can make a boomerang TikTok or purchase an NFT of a bored ape employing cryptocoin.

Earlier this week, Sebastian, 26, the Post’s director of membership, was assigned the process of mailing a letter signed by anyone on the Post’s staff to congratulate running editor Jeremiah Dobruck and his wife Lindsey on the event of the birth of their third son, Peter Riley Dobruck.

Sebastian’s not stupid in point he’s been performing a impressive job in expanding our membership and our members’ generous contributions. An case in point of his intelligence: Though email and direct-messaging and Slack and any variety of other computerized strategies are absolutely free, he understood he required a stamp to mail the letter productively. And the individual who built the ask for for the mailing instructed him there was just one in her drawer. So, armed with everything he necessary to fire off the card in the antiquated snail mail—the letter by itself and a stamp—Sebastian proudly stuck the letter in the outgoing mail slot in the Post’s garage.

Afterwards, it dawned on him: How does the mail know where to go?

He came to work the subsequent morning and sheepishly confessed that he hadn’t set the Dobruck’s tackle, or any other info that would get the letter to its intended receiver, on the envelope. His humiliation didn’t abate at all when his news was achieved with gales of laughter from staffers who have mailed letters just before, and even my calming and sympathetic assurance to not worry—“You do a large amount of other items right”—didn’t seem to be to raise his plummeting self-esteem.

Happily, Sebastian staked out the outgoing mailbox for 40 minutes ready for the postal provider, who generously allowed him to fill out the handle and suggested that he also insert a return tackle, which admittedly is getting into the much more esoteric space of mailing a letter.

Jake, our TikTok man, was sympathetic about Sebastian’s mistake as perfectly. He admitted that the last time he set everything in the mail was when he was sending a sort to the DMV and it hardly ever obtained there. “It just disappeared.”


Assuming that individuals who are no for a longer period identified as whippersnappers (as a substitute, they’re just Gen Z or Millennials) can grapple with YouTube, here’s an Instagram reel showing you how—or, you can observe the online video under from the authorities themselves. And, if you want aid with just about anything else, like how to use a rotary cellphone or function a clothespin, we’re listed here for you—for a several far

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DeepMind suggests its new AI coding motor is as great as an regular human programmer

DeepMind has created an AI method named AlphaCode that it claims “writes personal computer systems at a competitive stage.” The Alphabet subsidiary tested its technique versus coding troubles utilized in human competitions and discovered that its method obtained an “estimated rank” putting it in just the major 54 % of human coders. The final result is a substantial step forward for autonomous coding, claims DeepMind, however AlphaCode’s skills are not always agent of the kind of programming tasks confronted by the regular coder.

Oriol Vinyals, principal research scientist at DeepMind, told The Verge in excess of electronic mail that the study was continue to in the early phases but that the effects brought the company closer to building a adaptable difficulty-solving AI — a method that can autonomously deal with coding worries that are now the area of humans only. “In the for a longer period-time period, we’re psyched by [AlphaCode’s] likely for encouraging programmers and non-programmers generate code, improving upon productiveness or developing new means of building program,” explained Vinyals.

AlphaCode was tested from issues curated by Codeforces, a aggressive coding platform that shares weekly challenges and issues rankings for coders equivalent to the Elo score technique utilised in chess. These worries are different from the form of responsibilities a coder may possibly facial area while earning, say, a commercial app. They’re additional self-contained and demand a wider knowledge of the two algorithms and theoretical ideas in computer science. Believe of them as really specialized puzzles that incorporate logic, maths, and coding expertise.

In one example problem that AlphaCode was examined on, opponents are asked to uncover a way to convert one particular string of random, repeated s and t letters into a further string of the exact same letters applying a constrained set of inputs. Opponents are unable to, for illustration, just kind new letters but instead have to use a “backspace” command that deletes a number of letters in the authentic string. You can examine a whole description of the obstacle down below:

An example challenge titled “Backspace” that was utilised to examine DeepMind’s software. The difficulty is of medium difficulty, with the left facet displaying the issue description, and the appropriate aspect exhibiting instance test scenarios.
Picture: DeepMind / Codeforces

Ten of these worries had been fed into AlphaCode in specifically the same structure they are offered to people. AlphaCode then generated a larger sized range of possible answers and winnowed these down by functioning the code and checking the output just as a human competitor could. “The full procedure is computerized, with out human range of the finest samples,” Yujia Li and David Choi, co-prospects of the AlphaCode paper, advised The Verge around email.

AlphaCode was analyzed on 10 of problems that experienced been tackled by 5,000 users on the Codeforces site. On ordinary, it ranked inside the top rated 54.3 % of responses, and

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