There is a Witcher 3 easter egg that can take 7 in-sport a long time to reveal

(Impression credit history: CD Projekt)

YouTuber xLetalis has been on the hunt for a individual easter egg in The Witcher 3 soon after quest designer Philipp Weber dropped some hints about it. Weber had previously tweeted at xLetalis in response to a video clip he’d created about the character Vivienne, who is component of the Blood and Wine DLC, saying, “I ponder when they will find Vivienne’s last solution”. Admirers obtained keep of the idea of this “very last secret” and questioned Weber about it during a charity livestream before this thirty day period, in the course of which he stated “it is on Skellige” and that it “goes rather a bit further more” than they may possibly be expecting.

Soon after some hunting, xLetalis has discovered the mysterious easter egg. To clarify what it is, I will need to get into hefty spoiler territory for a unique quest in Blood and Wine identified as The Warble of a Smitten Knight, so you’ve been warned.

During this sidequest, Geralt investigates a curse affecting a lady-in-waiting named Vivienne de Tabris. The curse has progressively been generating her glance more and more like a chicken, precisely an oriole, and she’s resorted to magical ointments to disguise the beak, talons, and feathers spreading throughout her pores and skin. There are a pair of methods to get rid of the curse, one particular of which includes transferring it to an oriole egg, even though this could result in Vivienne’s death seven yrs down the line.

If you go as a result of with it, the curse will be lifted and Vivienne will determine to use whichever time she has left to travel the globe. Initially she’ll go to Novigrad, and from there to Skellige. (Although she won’t always follow as a result of on that last move considering the fact that she’s meant to transfer into a space at Kaer Trolde’s inn that Yennefer may possibly be remaining in, depending where you are at in the main quest.)

With enable from The Witcher 3 console commands, xLetalis moved Vivienne to Skellige then sped up time so that 7 complete decades would go in-match, and located that Vivienne does indeed fall dead as Geralt warned her. It is a minimal underwhelming that many thanks to an problem with the fabric physics, in xLetalis’s playthrough she fell with her costume at a correct angle to her legs, and that she can still repeat her greeting dialogue from the flooring, but it really is neat that there’s any sort of follow-up on this sort of a exceptional circumstance.

Not to rain on the parade, but however xLetalis warrants credit history for being the 1st English-talking easter egg hunter to discover this, German-language web site GameStar published a story mentioning it back again in 2020. Elena Schultz interviewed a pair of customers of CD Projekt Pink about tricks and easter eggs, then went searching based on the hints they dropped and located the exact same matter: if you

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