Community engineer cleans up in sale of laundry technologies – Article Bulletin

Community engineer cleans up in sale of laundry technologies – Article Bulletin

ROCHESTER – A national laundry chemical firm expects to clear up with engineering co-established by

Paul Jewison

, an engineer who is also the typical manager of Rochester’s

Textile Care Products and services


Gurtler Industries, a loved ones-owned company of detergents and specialty chemical compounds for the industrial laundry sector, lately obtained the rights to the

Smart Ultraviolet Mild Superior Oxidation Method

designed by Jewison and Andrew Rupnow.

The system, jokingly described by Jewison as “a hand grenade heading off inside of a basketball,” is used in big-scale industrial laundry facilities.

The method that they designed in 2017 delivers jointly technology from sewage remedy and industrial bottling to disinfect and thoroughly clean laundry making use of ultraviolet mild.

They integrated it into Textile Care’s facility in south Rochester, which cleans countless numbers of lbs . of Mayo Clinic’s linens each and every working day as very well as the traces from most of the region motels. Jewison and Rupnow produced a company known as Omni Systems to develop and sector their process.

The Clever Ultraviolet Light State-of-the-art Oxidation Process works by using a collection of UV lights to make ozone to demand the washer water. That drinking water then is run by a separate set of tubes with one more collection of bulbs for a larger blast of UV gentle.

The washer makes use of a blend of fresh new drinking water and recirculated fresh new drinking water. Applying this method, washing would not have to have as a great deal drinking water or cleansing chemical substances.

The method not only disinfects laundry, it will make linens white by “supercharging” the drinking water with hydroxyl radical molecules. The end result is efficient sterilization and cleaning procedure that is much more environmentally welcoming than traditional solutions.

“It was dumb luck that we created a absolutely new method,” claimed Jewison. “Hydroxyl radical is the strongest oxidizer on planet Earth. It gets out hundreds of distinct styles of stains like food items, blood, feces, urine and medicines from wellness care linens.”

Jacob Gurtler 12.2018.jpg
Jacob Gurtler.

Contributed / Gurtler Industries

The technique, which is created for huge industrial tunnel laundry washing equipment, will be rebranded by Illinois-based Gurtler as the Vis•Tex Omni UV Tunnel Method.

Jake Gurtler, Gurtler Industries’ vice president of corporate accounts and 3rd generation of the Gurtler spouse and children to lead the business, sees the method established by Jewison and Rupnow as the upcoming of the wellness treatment laundry field. Gurtler Industries is a top competitor of St. Paul, Minn-based mostly EcoLab.

“Once we comprehended the procedure and saw its positive aspects, we told ourselves that we wanted this know-how underneath our umbrella,” reported Gurtler. “We’re bringing this know-how to our customers that we finally feel is going to alter the way health care laundry is processed. And for that we were being definitely fired up.”

Gurtler declined to release any details about the monetary arrangements with this offer or how considerably his company paid

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