New Marine Electronics and Accessories for 2024

There have been a lot of new introductions in marine electronics, fish finders, trolling motors and more. As well as a bunch of fishing accessories being introduced for the upcoming fishing seasons. Check out a bunch of the new fishing electronics and accessories in the following introductions.


NEW Quest Technology trolling motors will feature enhanced GPS Suite including Drift Mode (as well as enhanced Follow Contour and Dodge modes), Out of the Box connectivity to Humminbird One Boat Network including all necessary adapters, one app to control everything, as well as enhanced built-in 2D Sonar with dual spectrum CHIRP. The Quest version of the Ultrex will feature a brushless motor for the quietest control and rigid long-lasting powerful trolling motor on the water. Read the full release here.

Garmin power pole integration


Coupled with an award-winning Garmin Force® trolling motor or new Force Kraken, anglers with a compatible Garmin chartplotter and a dual Power-Pole anchor setup can take advantage of the advanced anchor system integration to access new boat control features, including: 

  • Smart Anchor
  • Smart Anchor Jog
  • Drag Detection
  • End of Route
  • Auto Stowgarmin force kraken trolling motor


Kraken’s brushless motor uses a high-efficiency propeller to produce 100 pounds of thrust on a 36-volt system, or 80 pounds on a 24-volt system, making it one of the most powerful trolling motors ever produced. It also features through shaft wiring so no more pinched cables on your LiveScope. Utilizing multi-band GPS signal reception and integrated AHRS (attitude and heading reference system) for heading hold, Kraken delivers Garmin’s most precise boat positioning technology. Select Kraken models include a built-in GT56UHD all-in-one transducer with Ultra High-Definition ClearVü and SideVü scanning sonar along with CHIRP traditional sonar. Read the Full Release here.

Power pole move trolling motor


The Power Unity System of the brushless motor and reinforced TechflowTM Propeller create 30-percent more power than industry leading trolling motors, all while being whisper quiet in the propulsion and the steering systems. The low-profile bracket features the ported aluminum design made famous by our Blade Shallow Water Anchors and is protected by Power-Pole’s Multi-layer Corrosion Resistance Technology. The shaft is revolutionary, manufactured from nearly unbreakable aerospace-grade titanium that will hold up to extreme pressure. That shaft combined with the bracket has been tested to withstand the harshest environments in fishing. While it is built to last, the Power-Pole MOVE Brushless Trolling Motor is built with contingencies so that anglers can stay on the water. Read the Full Realease Here.

Impulse Lithium


Perfect for Marine Starting, Trolling, Electronics and more.  Equipped with Bluetooth for Smart Phone Monitoring and Backed with a FULL 10yr Warranty. This battery also comes equipped with an internal heater. This allows these batteries to charge and function flawlessly in the coldest environments possible. This is the perfect setup for anyone who loves to fish during the heart of winter and demands the best out of their electronics and overall battery performance.




Lithium Battery Company 36V 60AH LIFEPO4 battery


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