Superb Model O 2 gaming mouse

Superb Model O 2 gaming mouse

Glorious Model O 2 gaming mouse

In a handful of times time on March 14 at 11 AM CT the new Wonderful Model O 2 gaming mouse will be readily available and commence shipping. Preorders for the Product O 2 variety are now accessible to be put via the official Wonderful on line retail store with charges starting off from $64 for the Design O Wi-fi and $65 for the wired Model O 2 and $100 for the wi-fi model.

“The Design O 2 maintains the similar form as the initial Model O with a entirely re-engineered shell. The final result is a much more powerful and a lot more well balanced gaming mouse than its predecessor. Our objective was to produce a mouse with great fat distribution, develop high quality, and snug grip, with no getting rid of structural integrity.

We have launched a brand-new break up button design and style, which gives substantially enhanced regularity and responsiveness above a substantially greater surface location. Moreover, the O 2’s buttons also characteristic further grooves to stop your fingers from slipping all through essential moments. A new, improved textured floor offers a significantly more cozy and protected grip throughout intensive gaming periods.”

Model O 2 gaming mouse array

“With the Product O 2 Wi-fi, you can now get pleasure from twin connectivity, with the choice to change among Effectiveness Mode for blazing-speedy, lag-cost-free connection, or new “Efficiency” Bluetooth Method – for battery lifetime that lasts 210 hours – which is weeks of uninterrupted use! It also will allow for a lot more universal connectivity, which signifies you can link it to PCs, laptops, tablets, and even telephones!”

“The Product O 2 capabilities the future-gen, chopping-edge optical sensor BAMF 2., which gives unparalleled accuracy and responsiveness. BAMF 2. contains Movement Sync technological know-how, which guarantees that the mouse actions are in great sync with the on-screen actions. This translates into a seamless and fluid gaming practical experience, without having any lag or hold off. BAMF 2. expands the DPI (dots per inch) assortment up to 26,000 for finer sensitivity management. The IPS (inches for every next) has also been greatly boosted for additional exact movement tracking.”

For more particulars, full specifications, pricing and availability bounce around to the Wonderful web site by following the link below.

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ROCCAT Kone XP Air Wi-fi gaming mouse

ROCCAT Kone XP Air Wi-fi gaming mouse

wireless gaming mouse

ROCCAT has nowadays launched its new Kone XP Air Wireless gaming mouse entire with swift charging dock and 29 assignable functions. Equipped with ROCCAT’s Stellar Wi-fi technological know-how, and Bluetooth connectivity the new gaming mouse is now accessible to preorder priced at $170 and will commence delivery out on August 22 2022.

The Kone XP Air strikes the great mix of style, performance, and utility,” stated René Korte, ROCCAT Founder and Common Manager for Laptop Peripherals at Turtle Beach. “The reception to the wired Kone XP has been astounding, with followers instantly asking for a wi-fi version, so we’re fired up to permit anyone know the Kone XP Air is on its way and will be available much less than a month from now.”

wireless mouse charging dock

“Like its wired predecessor, the Kone XP Air is the excellent blend of style and know-how. Coming from a long line of legendary gaming mice, the Kone XP Air presents spectacular 3D RGB lighting, as well as ROCCAT’s specific Owl-Eye 19K DPI optical sensor and ridiculously quick Titan Optical Switches.

Expertly crafted ergonomics provide supreme consolation for extended hours of enjoy, while several buttons as well as the Kone XP Air’s 4D Wheel extend the mouse’s abilities to 29 programmable capabilities many thanks to ROCCAT’s Straightforward-Shift [+] technological know-how. The Kone XP Air’s translucent shell not only delivers a check out of its vibrant RGB lighting zones, but also enables the wi-fi mouse to realize a excess weight of just 99 g.”

gaming mouse charger

Wi-fi RGB gaming mouse :

– Refined ergonomic KONE form
– Multi-button design and 4D wheel with 29 programmable inputs
– Gaming-quality 2.4GHz wireless and Bluetooth dual connectivity
– Incorporated RGB Rapid Cost Dock
– Up to 100 hours of battery daily life
– 3D RGB AIMO lights with 5 programable zones
– ROCCAT Owl-Eye 19K dpi optical sensor
– Titan Change Optical for a tactile really feel with optical pace
– Lightweight and adaptable PhantomFlex™ USB-C charging cable
– Warmth-treated pure PTFE glides, pre-tuned for easy actions

“The Kone XP Air arrives entire with a trendy AIMO-enabled RGB charging dock. The Kone XP Air is element of the AIMO eco-process making it possible for the mouse and its charging dock to show up to 16.8 million colors and to talk with other AIMO-enabled solutions, these kinds of as the Vulcan TKL mechanical RGB gaming keyboard to guarantee a special lighting expertise across gamers’ established-ups. The Kone XP Air’s Speedy Charge Dock presents up to 5 hours of playtime with just 10 minutes of charge. Entirely billed, the Kone XP Air supplies up to 100 several hours of gameplay. As a backup for gamers who may possibly have neglected to recharge their mouse, the Kone XP Air also will come with ROCCAT’s PhantomFlex USB-C cable.”

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Logitech Aurora gaming keyboard, mouse and headset

Logitech Aurora gaming keyboard, mouse and headset

Logitech Aurora gaming keyboard

Logitech has this 7 days launched a new collection of gaming peripherals called Logitech Aurora featuring the new G735 Wireless Gaming Headset, G715 Wireless Gaming Keyboard, G713 Gaming Keyboard, G705 Wi-fi Gaming Mouse and 8 personalized extras. The new selection has been built to be “gender inclusive, not gender special, addressing the requirements and needs of women gamers even though also appealing to all players who are looking for a playful structure and curated encounter” says Logitech.

Logitech Aurora

G735 Wi-fi Gaming Headset

“Featuring a White Mist complete, ethereal RGB lighting, and on-ear twin-audio mixing, the G735 is a flexible possibility for any participant. G735 is the first Logitech G headset with the new Blue VO!CE microphone engineering features to modulate a player’s voice and have the potential to help you save most popular audio settings in G Hub and directly on the headset. The G735 Wi-fi Gaming Headset also maximizes convenience for all gamers and is inclusive of smaller head sizes. Gamers can delight in prolonged gaming classes with 56+ hr battery lifetime (without the need of lighting), and experience wireless flexibility by way of Logitech G’s award winning LIGHTSPEED wireless technologies, and Bluetooth connectivity.”

G715 and G713 Mechanical Gaming Keyboards

“The G715 Wireless Gaming Keyboard and G713 Gaming Keyboard supply small-important vibes with high-important functionality so gamers can express on their own and participate in their way. A compact, tenkeyless format, and adjustable height make sure consolation all-working day extended. Pack it up and position it any where with a rechargeable battery that provides 25 several hours of non-end gaming, and LIGHTSPEED wireless or Bluetooth connectivity. The two keyboards come with an bundled Cloud-Delicate palm rest for all-day ease and comfort.”

G705 Wi-fi Gaming Mouse

“G705 Wireless Gaming Mouse is function-crafted for lesser fingers with compact contoured healthy, and sophisticated gaming know-how. At just 85 grams, G705 is designed for extensive-long lasting, lightweight ease and comfort and performance. With a gaming-grade sensor, extremely-responsive LIGHTSPEED wi-fi, Bluetooth connectivity, and an uncomplicated-reach DPI-biking button, players can play their very best.

Add-ons – Consider your assortment a move even more with 8 new add-ons like whimsical touches like the cloud-formed palmrest, cable charm, and coronary heart formed carrying situation. Other accessories consist of ear pads and boom mics, G713 and G715 keyboard top rated plates, keycap puller and brush, and mousepad for avid gamers to customize their perform design.”

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You may be using the wrong computer mouse for your grip type: Claw, palm or fingertip?

You may be using the wrong computer mouse for your grip type: Claw, palm or fingertip?

Sarah Tew/CNET

There are a lot of gaming mice out there — a lot — and they vary by the type of games you play and your playing style. It can be very complicated to decide which size and style of gaming mouse will work best for your needs, especially if you’re on a budget. One way to narrow the field is to determine your ideal mouse grip type. Whether you’re picking out your first gaming mouse, upgrading your current daily driver or just looking for something new, looking at the way you tend to grip your mouse is a good place to start your search.

I’m not a serious gamer and I don’t stick to one type of game, though I do prefer first-person shooters. I had never really given much thought to the mouse I used beyond switching from a wireless one to wired. But getting a mouse to match your grip and playing style can actually make a difference in your performance. 

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In my initial searches for a new mouse for myself, the usual names like Razer, Corsair, HyperX and Logitech G made up most of the go-to picks I saw. However, I also noticed the name Zowie popping up. If you’ve never heard of them, there’s a better chance you know the company behind the brand, BenQ, which makes monitors, projectors and other computer peripherals.


Size matters with Zowie mice.

Screenshot by Josh Goldman/CNET

What are the mouse grip styles?

Knowing how you like to grip your mouse is important for getting one that meets your performance and comfort needs and Zowie’s lineup is focused on just that. Comfort, speed and control are the priorities and not how many buttons and lights you’re getting. It currently has four styles — three of which are symmetrical — and, unlike almost every other mouse, there’s no software or drivers to install.

Aside from shape, a key to their comfort is that each model comes in two or three sizes, so you can find the mouse that’s right for your hand size and grip style. There are essentially three grip styles gamers use: palm, fingertip and claw. (Zowie will send you a mouse-fitting kit if you want to test out all the sizes and shapes.)

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The easiest way to figure out what you use is to just look at your hand position while you game. Then, experiment with other grips until you find the one you’re most comfortable using and pick your next mouse accordingly. There is no correct grip, just the one or ones that work best for you. I use a mix of palm and fingertip because I find the latter to be better for FPS games, while the palm grip is overall more comfortable and less strain on my wrist. 

If you’re not sure what grip you are and what to look for, here are the basics for

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Brain implants could be the next computer mouse

Brain implants could be the next computer mouse

Solzbacher says DeGray’s typing points to the potential of the technology—he can tap out words much faster than anyone using an EEG headband, for example. “That means you are 10 times faster than anything that is out there,” he says. “Now you can start being productive, and you have performance close to an able-bodied person.”

However, Solzbacher is being financed by people who aren’t only interested in helping paralyzed people. This year his company raised $10 million from investors including the German billionaire Christian Angermayer, who invests widely in psychedelics, longevity treatments, and mental health. In a tweet, Angermayer left no doubt he thinks a general-purpose brain mouse is the ultimate goal: “It’s fundamentally an input-output device for the brain, and it can benefit ALL. We can unlock truly astonishing use cases & I believe Blackrock will be the one to take us there. Ppl will communicate with each other, get work done + even create artwork, directly with their minds.”

Solzbacher says for now, none of Blackrock’s internal plans or projections involve consumer brain implants. Still, he acknowledges that could happen: “I expect there is part of society that may really want it, even though there is nothing wrong with them.” 

I asked Solzbacher whether any able-bodied person had ever requested such a device. He says he’s hasn’t gotten such a request, yet. 

Mixed reality 

Robert “Buz” Chmielewski had his head down in concentration, and because of a screen, he couldn’t see which of two toy-size soccer balls had been placed in the robotic hand he was controlling. Using his thoughts, Chmielewski closed the plastic and metal hand and squeezed the ball. “Pink ball,” he called back. When the researcher swapped it for another, stiffer ball, Chmielewski could sense the change. “Black ball,” he said. 

Chmielewski, 50, got his Utah arrays implanted in 2019, 30 years after a surfing accident in Ocean City, Maryland, left him in a wheelchair. During the two years the experiment lasted (it ended in September), he had more implants put in than any other patient—a total of six, in both hemispheres of his brain. Because of this, he was able to control two robot arms simultaneously. What’s more, three of the probes placed into his sensori­motor cortex sent signals back into his brain, allowing him to receive tactile information from the robots. 

Buz Chmielewski with robot arms
Robert “Buz” Chmielewski, 50, had implants in both hemispheres of his brain. When they were in place, he was able to control two robot arms simultaneously.


Chmielewski was part of a project at Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory that’s testing new forms of perception. He also tried out the Microsoft HoloLens headset and used his sense of virtual touch to arrange blocks in virtual space. “If you would have told me three years ago I would be controlling things with my thoughts, I would have said you’re crazy,” Chmielewski said during a recent online presentation. “Some of the applications we are working on have blown my mind.”…

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