Unboxing Teenage Engineering’s gorgeous Computer-1 Computer scenario

Unboxing Teenage Engineering’s gorgeous Computer-1 Computer scenario

The present point out of Computer desktop design is horrendous. Pretty much everyone’s Computer — gaming or not — appears to be like gaudy rainbow vomit.

Blame YouTubers or Twitch streamers or the infinite desk set up pics on Instagram that serve as inspiration for everyone’s aesthetic. In its place of working with other peoples’ Computer layouts as a leaping-off stage, everybody just copies — they invest in the similar minimalist NZXT towers and configure the RGBs accordingly. Search, me uWu!

The pc-1, intended by Teenage Engineering, shuns this RGB conformity. The mini-ITX Computer situation (you gotta source all the Personal computer elements oneself) is distinctly Teenage Engineering — Swedish, Bauhaus, and utilitarian.

Each individual corner, curve, perforation, and feels Dieter Rams-ian in its restraint.

Its compact aluminum chassis comes in flat-pack kind, necessitating you to bend the metallic sheets into shape the Computer system-1 reminds me of Ikea’s Helmer drawer unit, such as the handles for transport. It appears to be and feels mechanical, engineered, and showy (but not as well considerably). The shiny powder RAL 2004 orange (aka “pure orange”) paint occupation is visually tantalizing, and a a lot-necessary breath of fresh new air from the dystopian white, black, and silver Computer system cases beneath everyone’s desks. Each and every corner, curve, perforation, and feels Dieter Rams-ian in its restraint.

The computer-1 is also pricey ($195) — and bought out. We were being fortunate plenty of to grab a single right before it sold out within just the 1st 20 minutes. Evidently, there’s pent-up desire for a Computer system circumstance that’s actually lovely.

By the time you study this, we’ll be knee-deep bending and reworking this mini-ITX circumstance into the most impressive gaming Laptop its dimensions — and our wallets and the supply chain of accessible elements — will enable us to piece jointly. (We’ll have a different manual on the Computer system establish method shortly with all the Computer system elements we went with.) So this isn’t a evaluation of the laptop or computer-1’s operation as a ray-tracing-capable gaming Laptop, as it is an unboxing and appreciation of fairly packaging — both of those the cardboard and the metal body. It’s all so delightful.

Clean up bins

I was to some degree concerned when the computer-1 arrived. The packaging is so slender and so light I thought for sure something was lacking. Nope — all the things you want to build the personal computer-1 comes in a one minimalist deal that is made up of three packing containers inside of.

Bits and bobs

A closer glance at the more compact elements including the handles, rubber toes, and bundled equipment for assembling the pc-1.Evan Rodgers / Enter

You will not need to have a screwdriver. There is a hex critical provided in the box (that is the yellow factor in distinct packaging in the earlier mentioned photo.)

The body

Just before assembling, you want to unpack everything. Evan Rodgers /

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