The 10 greatest subreddits for players

Even for the most diligent online video activity supporters, it can be really hard to maintain up. Between various consoles and platforms, a regular stream of releases, and unlimited controversies and commentary, the web is awash with games to play, movies to view, articles or blog posts to read through, and extra. It is difficult to lower through the sounds and come across what you really want.

Reddit can be a terrific option for dealing with the too much to handle solutions in front of you. Regardless of whether you are searching for a place to converse with like-minded gamers, really precise ideas and methods, or you’re just seeking to retain up with the gaming rumor mill, there is a subreddit for you.

Below are the 10 Reddit communities each individual video recreation enthusiast should be following.

A house for players who really like speaking about online games.Zhang Peng/LightRocket/Getty Photos

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TLDR: A spot to maintain up with the most current gaming discourse

r/truegaming describes alone as a dwelling for players who love conversing about video games just as a great deal as they like participating in them. It is a good spot to preserve up with the latest video games everyone is talking about and to tap into broader conversations about latest successes and failures in the gaming community. If you like a discussion or have a lot to say about game titles, this is the area to be.


TLDR: A put to select up random free of charge online games

Although the considerably much larger r/GameDeals sub is a great location to go when you are window shopping for low-cost video games, r/PlayItForward is value obtaining on your community listing if you will need one thing new but really don’t have any dollars. As extensive as you are not fussy, you can sign up for totally free activity giveaways orchestrated by other consumers — and even get obtain to free video game codes. It’s wonderful for no cost Steam game titles and even the odd Xbox code.

Devoted to hacking games via scientific wonderingShutterstock


TLDR: A area to find movies on the science of gaming

r/videogamescience is dedicated to hacking games as a result of scientific considering. Members post movies each and every few days on everything from the best term to open Wordle with in accordance to data theory to the AI supply code at the rear of Super Mario 64. If you want to know more about the psychology and science guiding the game titles you appreciate, it is a good location to search.


TLDR: A local community that will enable you trace the match you just can’t recall

r/tipofmyjoystick really should be your go-to sub when you’re seeking to keep in mind a long-missing childhood sport or just cannot remember the name of one thing you made use of to participate in. It is a local community devoted to tracking down game titles on

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