IonQ Announces New Barium Qubit Engineering, Laying Foundation for Innovative Quantum Computing Architectures

IonQ Announces New Barium Qubit Engineering, Laying Foundation for Innovative Quantum Computing Architectures

Barium qubits are remarkably stable and offer you many techniques to raise computing fidelity and speed

Technological innovation enables IonQ to use standard photonics units to create a lot more trustworthy quantum pcs

Barium allows IonQ to more quickly network its computers collectively, forming powerful modular methods that immediately scale qubit counts

Higher education PARK, Md., December 08, 2021–(Enterprise WIRE)–IonQ, Inc. (“IonQ”) (NYSE: IONQ), a leader in quantum computing, nowadays declared that it programs to use barium ions as qubits in its systems, bringing about a wave of positive aspects it thinks will permit innovative quantum computing architectures. IonQ is the very first quantum computing corporation capable to harness far more than one particular atomic species as qubits, having created its units to day with ytterbium ions. Now, IonQ designs to use barium ions to build methods that are made to be faster, more powerful, extra simply interconnected, and that characteristic more uptime for clients.

“IonQ builds the world’s most impressive quantum computers, and the capacity to construct systems with barium qubits will aid us provide our consumers even nearer to recognizing the professional positive aspects of quantum,” stated Peter Chapman, President and CEO of IonQ. “We think the advanced architectures enabled by barium qubits will be even far more highly effective and additional scalable than the systems we have been capable to establish so significantly, opening the door to broader programs of quantum computing.”

IonQ expects the vital benefits of quantum computers dependent on barium qubits to involve:

  • Lessen error prices, greater gate fidelity, and far better state detection. IonQ’s quantum personal computers now outperform field peers, as demonstrated in an industry study by the Quantum Economic Enhancement-Consortium in Oct. IonQ expects barium qubits to increase the general performance of its quantum gates and qubit measurement, leading to even more helpful quantum computer systems.

  • A basis for iterable, extra trusted hardware, with extra uptime for clients. Barium qubits are controlled generally with noticeable light—rather than ultraviolet light—allowing IonQ to create its upcoming quantum pcs with regular silicon photonics technological know-how. Visible light gadgets are a lot easier to source and more dependable than their ultraviolet equivalents. Applying common technologies will enable IonQ to scale its computers and replace components much more easily, providing far more computing time for buyers than at any time just before.

  • Much more simply networked quantum systems. IonQ designs to hook up various quantum processing units collectively with light-weight, generating a modular process with drastically improved processing energy. Barium qubits pave the way for bigger concentrations of unit integration and less complicated networking of several methods.

“We imagine that the addition of barium qubits to IonQ programs opens up great technical possibilities for generating our units a lot more scalable, more trustworthy, and easier to establish,” explained Jungsang Kim, Co-Founder and CTO of IonQ. “By leveraging the inherent benefits of barium qubits, we approach to obtain new capabilities for constructing sophisticated quantum personal computers that we believe that will be

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