AMC’s FearFest Returns With 700 Hours Of Horror Programming

It really is September, and you know what that implies: the so-termed “Spooky Season” is upon us! Summer’s on its way out (until you live in Texas, in which summer months lasts until eventually around mid-December), Halloween’s on the horizon, and it can be time to begin setting up your annual horror movie marathons.

Not absolutely sure what to observe this yr? No dilemma! AMC Networks and the good individuals at Shudder have you included with this year’s FearFest, a enormous programming celebration featuring about 700 hrs (!!!) of killer horror articles, which include brand-new flicks, returning faves, and additional than a several classics.

Consider it away, press launch:

AMC Networks announced currently a monster-sized return of AMC’s “FearFest,” its prolonged-functioning horror and genre programming party, with over 700 hours of movies, sequence and specials to be curated by Shudder, AMC Networks’ streamer for horror, thrillers and the supernatural, for the incredibly initial time. “FearFest, Stunned by Shudder” will develop into September and across AMC Networks’ full portfolio of networks and streamers about the two-thirty day period celebration.

“Countdown to Fearfest” starts on AMC currently, September 1 with Shudder’s 101 Scariest Horror Movie Times of All Time every single Friday at 11:00 p.m., major into a primetime takeover the past week of September showcasing legendary horror motion pictures each and every night of the week like the Scream and Halloween franchises as effectively as Stephen King classics like The Shining and Firestarter

October will then kick off wall-to-wall protection, which includes a mix of supporter-favourite horror movies as very well as new programming from Shudder.  AMC will keep on to host new Shudder videos and collection each individual Friday night top up to Halloween, including a double-feature of Shudder’s V/H/S franchise on Friday, October 6, and the co-premiere of Shudder’s Creepshow Year 4, from Government Producer Greg Nicotero (The Going for walks Useless), alongside AMC+ and Shudder on Friday Oct 13.

But which is not all: this year’s FearFest will also include things like the return of some favorites:

AMC will also rejoice iconic horror classics all time, such as the 45th anniversary of Halloween with a new The Previous Travel-In with Joe Bob Briggs specific on Tuesday, Oct 10 at 10:00 p.m., the 50th anniversary of The Exorcist paired with its 101 Scariest Movie Times of All Time episode on Friday, September 29 at 8:15 p.m., and the 55th anniversary of Rosemary’s Little one followed by the Cursed Movies documentary on Monday, Oct 2 at 8:00 p.m. 

As the home of the best in horror all calendar year round, Shudder will debut a quantity of highly anticipated  new flicks and series each and every 7 days in September and Oct, including Alicia Silverstone-headlined thriller Perpetrator (September 1), the subsequent installment in the V/H/S franchise, V/H/S/85 (Oct 6), the remarkably predicted When Evil Lurks (Oct 27), a new time of The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula, and new specials from The Previous Push-In with Joe Bob Briggs

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How a Designer Known For Horror Produced the Musical Gaming Triumph ‘Hi-Fi Rush’

It’s exceptional to be truly surprised these days. Video video games just take incalculably extensive to build in the modern-day era, and cost so considerably to produce, that providers understandably announce them nicely in advance, in hopes of constructing hype by the time they are completed. Which is just promoting 101. But Hello-Fi Rush, Xbox’s energetic and indescribably beautiful motion activity the place you assault on the beat, appeared out of nowhere previous month, pulling off what’s dubbed the “shadow drop,” where a piece of media is declared and released at the same time. 

And Hello-Fi Hurry is not just a pleasurable shock, it is already a contender for game of the calendar year, with an unmistakable look that plausibly blurs the line concerning video recreation and real-time cartoon and a delightful mashup of Devil May well Cry’s fernetic action and PaRappa the Rapper’s gratifying faucets to the new music. It’s a game no person knew they desired, still it is below.

“If you’ve ever played tunes on stage and you nail something—you’re taking part in that chord specifically when the cymbals are smashing or one thing, you can find just this unusual strength that will come from that,” claimed imaginative director John Johanas in a the latest interview with Waypoint. “And which is in which the concept of ‘okay, every little thing just has to land on the conquer and you come to feel like you are aspect of that.’ Which I just really feel hadn’t been completed in this kind of way ahead of.”

The humorous point is that though Hi-Fi Rush is an exceptional motion video game that feels motivated by games like Bayonetta, Johanas cannot perform these video games really perfectly. On the other hand, escalating up, he was constantly drawn to audio and any activity that included songs. Johanas started by participating in saxophone in higher college band course, but today considers himself “a awful musician,” who can perform guitar, bass, drums, and piano to different levels.

For quite a few video online games, the audience goes by a acquainted method. To start with, a CG trailer that hints at how the sport may well look and sense. Later—perhaps decades later—a search at gameplay. Hello-Fi Rush appeared out of nowhere for in essence everybody except the people today who built it. 

“The way that progress started off helped outline how entire the deal is,” claimed Johanas. “I noticed a whole lot of folks indicating how polished it is, or how the eyesight is so crystal clear.”

When Tango Gameworks finished the initial The Evil Within just, designer Shinji Mikami’s return to the motion horror genre he served outline with Resident Evil 4, the total group right away moved onto The Evil In just 2. There was no time to waste, which also meant there was a lot less time to think. Johanas was a writer and designer on the 1st game, but took more than artistic course

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A new wave of lo-fi games is reshaping horror

Something writhes in video game horror’s dark underbelly; it has been doing so for years.

But lately, convulsions have grown violent and the hideous mass threatens to spill over into the mainstream where more respectable nightmares reign. The likes of Resident Evil and Alan Wake are now adhering to the same rules governing spectacle as the latest FIFA or Call of Duty installment, terrifying you at pristine 4K resolutions. This is the ninth console generation currently shaping our entertainment landscape, after all, and there are certain expectations as regards visual fidelity. Have you seen how the sun’s rays reflect on Castle Dimitrescu’s marble floors?

New retro horror scoffs at such notions of verisimilitude. It will draw the curtains to keep volumetric lighting out and puke all over the exquisite tiling so you’re not distracted by its intricate patterns. A steady procession of brash alternatives to the handful of dominating franchises (as well as the mid-budget imitations) has been making its presence felt recently. These games are inspired by long-obsolete genres implementing unconventional mechanics and evoking memories from the medium’s rich past. Wildly divergent, this new generation of lo-fi horror games is united by a shared philosophy: treating earlier, era-specific styles from the crude polygons of the original PlayStation to 1-bit monochrome palettes not as intermediary failures on the path to some dubious ideal of “realism,” but embracing them as valid aesthetic springboards in their own right.

And people have been paying attention. In the last couple of years, the scene has exploded. Puppet Combo — who has been turning his favorite childhood VHS slashers into low-poly gore-fests for about a decade — has just started his own production company, Torture Star Video, mobilizing his popularity to highlight the talents of other creators in the niche. Two ongoing anthology series, The Haunted PS1 Demo Disc and Dread X Collection, have revitalized a format oddly neglected in the medium. And themed game jams have imposed time and theme constraints on developers consistently producing some of the most imaginative work in the field, exemplified by Teebowah’s Game Boy-inspired creepy excursion in Fishing Vacation and Ben Jelter’s trailer-park enigma of Opossum Country. But what has prompted the sudden surge of popularity for such archaic iconography? And why the disproportionate focus of such efforts on horror?

Dread Delusion.

A partial answer to the first question is glaringly obvious. Nostalgia has emerged as a pervasive cultural force in the last decade, from synthwave YouTube playlists to Stranger Things. Why should gaming be exempt from its influence? Under the alias -IZMA-, Adam Birch released Deadeus for the Game Boy in 2019, a Lovecraftian small-town mystery in the vein of classic JRPGs. He admits nostalgia is part of what motivates him. “When I was a kid growing up, I had a Game Boy and had friends with Mega Drives and SNES. That era is seared into my brain because of [these consoles]. It stands to reason that, when people finally achieve the ability, they’d

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